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What makes Thrax Design unique is our unmatched approach to customer service and originality. If the phrases: “boilerplate”, “cookie-cutter”, “recycle”, "choose from one of our templates" and "insert your logo here" give you a warm fuzzy feeling, we are not the company for you.

We will work with you on every project from concept and design to launch, maintenance and beyond. We offer every service you will need to create the perfect website. No matter the size or scope of your web design project, we can help.

They say the key to a loyal customer base is great customer service. For over a decade Thrax design has developed long lasting relationships with our clients. We have never had the need to advertise and all our clients have reached us by word of mouth. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond the expected mark. To achieve this, we work with a small select number of clients. We will always make time to listen to you, provide you with high-quality products and ensure that you are always happy with the final result.

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