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Social Media Marketing and SEO

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Our goal is to develop and organize a social media marketing plan with strategic integration and optimal positioning (SEO) that functions effectively and meets the growing demands of our customers.

Thrax Design


  • Define social media objectives and goals according to the brand, product or service.
  • Research and audit social media platforms currently being used by the client.
  • Research specific directories related to the brand, product or service and configure accounts.
  • Prepare individual visual components for each social media platform.
Thrax Design Resdes Sociales


  • Set up and configure social media accounts based on research findings from initial phase.
  • Publish initial content on all social media platforms and test, evaluate and adjust as required.
  • Create editorial calendar for different social media platforms.
  • Community manager for all social media platforms.
Thrax Design


  • Pre-Production: Prepare and publish advertising material for the event on social media platforms. Includes paid promotion.
  • Production: Social Media Community Manager will publish images and videos (short clips and live clips) of key moments of the event for social media feed while promoting the product, brand or service on social platforms.
  • Post-Production: Upload key moments of the event to continue promoting the product, service or brand on social media platforms.

Graphic Design

Thrax Design


  • Logo and social media pack (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and other cover images and design).
  • Business card and stationery design.
  • Flyers, posters, infographics, banners, ads (digital or print).
  • Brochures, pamphlets, signage and billboard design.
  • Menu, placemats, loyalty cards, and signage for restaurants.
  • Clothing and brand merchandise design.
  • Event design including invitations, posters, flyers, advertising (digital and print) and booth design.
  • Professional photography.


Custom Web Development, Programming & Responsive Design

Thrax Design


  • Unique web development solutions tailored to your needs.
  • Custom web programming with frontend and backend design based on individual requirements.
  • TCMS (Thrax Content Management System) on all our projects which gives us control over the platforms functionality, interface and updates.
  • Responsive, creative and efficient design that allows the website to work and be seen correctly on different mobile devices and browsers.

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