2014 – Present

WPGA.org.au is the official website of the Women’s Professional Golf Association in Australasia, featuring the latest news, player rankings, tournament schedules, and more. It serves as a comprehensive resource for fans and players alike, with information on player profiles, live scoring, and golf clinics. The site also highlights the tour’s history, its players’ achievements across various countries, and offers a member’s lounge for exclusive content.

WPGA: https://wpga.org.au/

The Athena Golf Tournament microsite is dedicated to a premier golf event under the Women’s Professional Golf Association (WPGA) of Australasia. It provides detailed information on the tournament, including news updates, player line-ups, the format of the event, and the venue. Additionally, the site offers sections for viewing the leaderboard, player profiles, and contact information for further inquiries.

The Athena: https://theathena.wpga.org.au/